Strategic Holdings is a real estate investment company that welcomes individuals to participate as equity partners in a fund.

Our investment Strategy is to buy "value-add" multifamily properties and maintain high occupancy.

Our investors value our expertise in our diligent underwriting process to acquire what we believe to be high quality properties with historically strong cash flow.

Our qualified team looks for these types of assets across the nation—meaning a regionally diverse portfolio that we feel is more resilient to the ebb and flow of the real estate market.

We are a boutique asset manager that is offering a private fund to allow accredited investors to participate.

We offer four risk adjusted series: 8.5%, 10%, 12% preferred targeted annual return, plus a new 1-D tranche with a profit share and fees — Please speak with one of our Investor Relations representatives or read the PPM for further details. Note: Series 1B 10%, Series 1C 12% and Series 1D 10% plus profit share is currently closed.

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Corporate Office: 1-805-410-4662

Investor Relations: 1-805-367-8835

For tenants, billing and all other calls: 1-855-209-1990

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